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Das Spielzeug 

September 1963, issue #9

Since the text of the orginal article didn't survive the scanning here is the complete English text. The original is in three languages, German, English and French. The English and French texts are shortened versions of the original German text.

The story of the Wiking Models from Berlin

When Friedrich Peltzer - born in Berlin, and from his childhood on surrounded by hobbycraft utensils - wanted to start large- scale production of his favorite miniature models in 1930, an experienced friend told him: "You might as well throw your money out the window right now !" But slowly collectors and model fans became the first customers; the enterprise started growing. The quality of the models was further improved. 

Wiking products were already sold to Belgium, France, Sweden, Holland, England, and the U.S.A., where also general agencies were set up. In the prewar years airplane and traffic models (scale 1:220) were added to the ship models (scale 1:1250). The manufacture of airplane models resulted in an extension of production methods to thermoplastic die casting; new mouldmaking methods were found; then the war broke out. After reconstruction of the partly destroyed works the production was in 1949 successfully switched to the new series of Wiking traffic models (scales 1:100 and 1:90). Wiking models now not only served as toys, but also as demonstration and teaching aids for motor-schools, traffic police, and law courts. 

At the same time Wiking took up the production of special models. Concentrating on the two model groups of 1:90 and 1:40 scales and observation of highest quality standards resulted in a rising turnover and a constant expansion of the firm, which, together with its Kiel subsidiary, is today employing about 250 persons and producing over five million models (without accessories) a year. The assortment comprises over 140 types. Leading automobile manufacturers have their models made by Wiking for advertising purposes and the engineers are exultant about the precision of these miniature models.