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2003 Nuremberg announcements

News & Rumours   -   Hot news for the coming year !  

11376 Opel Blitz 3t pickup truck with canvas
11384 Opel Blitz 3t pickup truck with field kitchen
11651 BMW 335 sedan 1939
11652 Adler 2,5l Autobahn coupé with sunroof
11656 Steyr 55 sedan with sunroof
11665 MB 770
11669 MB 770 open
11690 GAZ M-1 sedan 1936
11695 Opel Admiral sedan 1939
11789 P2S amphibic vehicle, green
11894 Ford 3t 1944 military truck with standardized cab, sand
11895 Ford 3t 1944 military truck with standardized cab, grey
11906 Ford 1944 pickup truck with canvas
11915 Ford "Maultier" pickup truck
11916 Ford "Maultier" box truck
11917 Ford "Maultier" tank truck
11995 Ford V 3000 pickup truck, "Red Cross"

Albedo: reissueing the former Memo Mercedes trucks (SK cab) with Actros cabs.

Automobilia: (confirmed) 
7 87 13 01 Transkit MG TC (Busch)
7 87 14 01 Transkit Austin Healey 3000 (Wiking)

Autosculpt: Opel Manta, Peugeot 504 Coupé, BMW Isetta, Austin 7 "Chummy".

AWM: Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot Partner, Peugeot 307, Peugeot 206SW, Renault Clio II (already available through SAI)

Boley: GMC Topkick (light truck), GMC 6500, International 7600.

Brekina:  Alfa Romeo Giulia, Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 (single headlights) (Source: Brekina website) Ford Transit 'Panorama' bus, Opel Blitz in two versions (1959-1965 and 1965-1974)), Volvo Amazon 4-door sedan, Scania-Vabis LS110 (1966), Porsche 917 (sources: Modell-Magazin & Modell Fahrzeug).

Bronco (confirmed): 
BRO-87264 Bugatti T57C 1939
Bugatti T57S 1938
Bugatti T57S 1939
Bugatti Coach Ventoux 1938
Bugatti T57 Ventoux 1936
Bugatti 57C "Letourneur & Marchand" 1939 
Bugatti 57C "Letourneur & Marchand" 1939
Bugatti T57 "Vanden Plas" 1939
BRO-87468 Bugatti T57 "Stelvio" 1936
Bugatti T57 "Stelvio" 1936
Peugeot 442 "Darl'mat" 1939
Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 1939

Busch: (confirmed)
See confirmed news 

Classic Construction Models: Caterpillar 994D wheelloader, Caterpillar 583R tracked pipelayer.

51300 Borgward B2000 0,75t/1t 4x4 pickup truck, German Army
51224 Borgward B2000 0,75t/1t 4x4 box truck, "Red Cross"
52113 Hanomag AL28 0,75t/1t 4x4, German police
--- Borgward B2000 0,75t/1t 4x4 crane truck
--- Ford G398 SAM 3t 4x4 pickup truck, German Army
--- Ford G398 SAM 3t 4x4 dump truck, German Army

Epoche: Scania-Vabis LS110 (1966) in two versions, one is a 5 meter chassis, the other is a 4,20 meter chassis used for articulated trucks, Unimog 411 (long and short wheelbase versions).

Heico-Modell: rumour has it that they will rerelease the Conversion87 kits.

Herpa: (confirmed) 
Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Porsche Cayenne S
Maybach 57
Audi A8  
Audi A3
Mercedes Viano
Mercedes-Benz Actros (facelift)
DAF XF (facelift)
Volvo FH (facelift)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2003 model).
023177 Mercedes-Benz E (W211)
045803 Mercedes-Benz Atego LF8 'Stolberg Fire Brigade' 
148931 Liebherr R954 Litronic excavator 
148542 Mercedes-Benz/Titan Actros SLT with Goldhofer trailer (Kesselbrücke) and load
148900 DAF XF Super SpaceCab tractor with trailer 'DAF' 
148986 Iveco Stralis with trailer 'Hertz'  (Rietze Iveco with Herpa trailer !!) 
148887 Mercedes-Benz Actros facelift with trailer 'Betz' 
148849 Mercedes-Benz Actros facelift
148924 DAF XF Super SpaceCab tractor

Herpa: (not confirmed yet)
Mercedes SLR
Mercedes Vito

HIGH TECH MODELL: (confirmed)
87021 Lola T 70 Spyder
87022 Porsche 908/2
87023 Porsche 935 Martini
87024 Porsche 911 Carrera 2,8 RSR
87025 Porsche 911 Carrera 2,8 RSR 'Targa Florio'

KEHI: (not in Nuremberg, but here's the news anyway)
5650 H6 with semitrailer
5651 IFA W50 with trailer “Lacufa”
5652 IFA W50 moving van (doublecab) with trailer
5648 X-ray testing truck W500
5649 H6 with tank semitrailer “MINOL” 
5653 IFA W50 rigid tractor
5654 IFA W50 with tank semitrailer “MINOL” 
5655 IFA W50 with tank semitrailer “MILCH”
5656 IFA W50 TLF 16 pumper (modern body version)
5657 IFA W50 TLF pumper with watercannon “VP” (GDR police)
5658 IFA W50 recovery vehicle gray/blue
5658/N IFA W50 recovery vehicle “NVA” (army)
5658/F IFA W50 recovery vehicle “Fw” (firetruck)
5658/G IFA W50 recovery vehicle yellow
5659 Crane ADK-125 yellow
5659/N Crane ADK-125 "NVA" (army)
5659/F Crane ADK-125 "Fw" (firetruck)
5660 Skoda RDS1 dump truck with trailer
5661 Skoda MDS24 dump truck
5662 Excavator UB20
5663 H6 dump truck
5664 H6 dump truck (different tooling)
5665 S4000 with tank trailer “MINOL”
5644/N Bulldozer T-100 “NVA” (army)
5406/P VW van “Bundespost”
5666 Dump trailer
5667 “Panther” slewing crane

Matchbox Collectibles: the 'Elvis Collection', a series of four trucks: two 1939 Peterbilts, one printed 'Jailhouse Rock', the other 'All Shook Up' and two 1956 Mack B61s, one printed 'Hound Dog', the other 'Heartbreak Hotel'.  (Update July 2003: all models are released with the Mack B61 tractors)

Norscot: Caterpillar 160H grader.

Rietze: Opel Vectra in two versions, Renault Kangoo (Norev model), Renault Iliade bus (Rietze website).

Roco: Kärcher fieldkitchen, Volkswagen Bus (T4) 'Bahnpolizei', Unimog U1300 'Red Cross', MAN 453 'THW'.

SAI: Peugeot 206WRC, Peugeot 406 Coupe (seen at swapmeet), Peugeot 607, Peugeot Partner, Citroën Berlingo, Citroën C5 (SAI catalogue).

Schuco: (confirmed)
Information received from Schuco:
The Mini Cooper 'Polizei' is already available, the other models are planned for the 3rd quarter of 2003.
21680 Mini Cooper "Polizei"
21681 Mercedes-Benz E-class
21682 Mercedes-Benz CLK
21683 Mercedes-Benz C-class sportcoupé
21684 VW Bus T1 Samba
21685 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300
21688 BMW 3-series convertible
21689 BMW 7-series
Cars - Motorsport
Information received from Schuco:
The DTM models will be available in the 2nd qarter of 2003, the V8STAR models in the 3rd quarter.
21617 V8STAR VIP Taxi 2002 (VW Passat)
21618 V8STAR Oscherleben "Rostek" 2002 (VW Passat)
21620 V8STAR 1st Choice Racing "Nissen" 2002 (VW Passat)
21621 V8STAR Irmscher Motorsp. "Cecotto" 2002 (VW Passat)
21622 V8STAR Showcar 2001 (Opel Omega)
21623 V8STAR SST Engineering "Thiim" 2002 (Opel Omega)
21625 V8STAR GAG Racing "Haupt" 2002 (Opel Omega)
21627 V8STAR VIP Taxi 2001 (Jaguar S-Type)
21628 V8STAR Zakspeed Racing "Becker" 2002 (Jaguar S-Type)
21629 V8STAR JAG Racing "Bert" 2002 (Jaguar S-Type)
21631 V8STAR Kaufhof/Zakspeed "Lamy" 2002 (Jaguar S-Type)


21633 ABT Audi TT-R "Ekström" 2002
21634 ABT Audi TT-R "Tomczyk" 2002
21637 ABT Audi TT-R "Aiello" 2002
21641 ABT Audi TT-R "Wendlinger" 2002
21643 ABT Audi TT-R "Abt" 2002

21646 Opel Astra V8 "Bartels" 2002
21647 Opel Astra V8 "Scheider" 2002
21648 Opel Astra V8 "Reuter" 2002
21649 Opel Astra V8 "Winkelhock" 2002
21650 Opel Astra V8 "Olivier" 2002
21651 Opel Astra V8 "Menu" 2002
21656 V8STAR Polevision Racing "Lohr" 2002 (Ford Mondeo)
21660 AMG Mercedes Vodafone "Schneider" 2002
21661 AMG Mercedes AMG "Alesi" 2002
21662 AMG Mercedes Warsteiner "Alzen" 2002
21663 AMG Mercedes Warsteiner "Fässler" 2002
21669 Opel Corsa Super 1600 Rallye
21675 BMW M3 GTR # 43

Unicata: Sennebogen 6100 Starlifter (tracked crane)

US-Models - Novelties 2002/2003
PL-011 Amphicar
US-046 Simca 1301 Special
US-070 Maserati Merak S
US-076 Alfa Romeo Canguro
US-077 Iso Grifo 365 GL
US-078 Maserati 3500 GT Sebring
USSO-04 Auto Union 1000 SP
USSO-05 Auto Union 1000 SP Cabrio 

Wiking: VW Touareg (1 2 3), VW New Beetle convertible, Mercedes-Benz Actros (facelift), Mercedes S-class (W220, facelift), Volkswagen Golf V, Steyr KOS (Re-badged MAN TGA cab), Mercedes Sprinter (facelift), Mercedes E-class (W211) T-model, Volkswagen Touran (pictured below), Mercedes CLK Convertible (W209), Hako Citymaster 300 streetsweeper, John Deere 6920 tractor, small skidsteer loader, Volkswagen Transporter (T5)

With the next VW promotional from Wiking we may see prototypical license plates, in an interview with the German 'Modell Fahrzeug' magazine VW people said they wanted that realized.

4572 Rotary Hay Tedder 1956
4573 Lanz "Halbdiesel" tractor 1953-56
4574 Vomag DL 3-axle truck 1931

Unknown manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Phantom
: Although we received information that three models in different scales of the new model have been spotted at the Detroit Motor Show, and that the 1/87 model on display was a Wiking model we think it is unlikely that the 1/87 model was actually made by Wiking since Rolls-Royce belongs to the BMW group and other BMW and Mini models have been released by Herpa. Both Herpa and Wiking have denied working on the new Phantom in the meantime.

Herpa Porsche Cayenne S / Porsche Cayenne Turbo