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The 87th scale Manufacturers List - Part I 
Currently listing 1186 manufacturers ! (Latest change: November 2008)

Although called the 87th scale manufacturers list, it is not limited to just 87th scale models. Many models and kits have been advertised (and sold) as 1/87 or H0-scale when they were in fact smaller or larger, scales vary anywhere between 1/64 to 1/110 ! Also listed are several makers of copies like for instance BVC or Ferrero. 

Latest additions / changes are in GREEN.

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Full Name / Country Examples Comments


107% Christian Grottendieck, Germany modellisting Announced several Formula 1 modelkits.
1-87WTD 1-87 World Tanks Depot, Spain modellisting Military models in 1/87.
2HS-Modelle Konstantin Hellstern / Wolfgang Hauch, Germany modellisting Resin kits and accessories.
4MFOR Märklin, Germany modellisting Die-cast military models.
5th Wheel 5th Wheel Scalemodels, USA modellisting US based shop that also offered own models. Website disappeared in 2006, probably no longer exists.
87 RPM Peter Rings, Germany modellisting Resin kits in limited editions.



A.B. Vidalis Brothers, Greece modellisting Simple plastic models also marketed under the Joy Toy name. Out of production.
A.B.S. Models KeyKits, UK modellisting Kits of buses and other vehicles in 1/76 scale.
Absolute Absolute Scale Models, USA modellisting Resin kits. 
Accurail Accurail, USA modellisting Produces a series of injection-moulded 45' highway trailers.
Ace  Ace Imp. Co., Japan   See: AHI.
Achim Pex Achim PEX GmbH, Germany modellisting Simple die-cast truckmodels.
Adamuz Antonio Adamuz, Spain modellisting Brass models of Pegaso trucks, other models are planned. 
Adaptor Adaptor-Modelle, Germany modellisting Predecessor of 'adp', imported 'Tramo' models of ZIS trucks and bulldozers.
ADP Bernd Schaefer e.K., Germany modellisting Handmade miniatures of mostly German cars and truck of the 30s-50s, also distributes Russian made models.
ADM ADM Modellbau, Germany   The link points to the website of their exclusive distributor in Germany, Lade-güter Bauer. 
ADM Universal ?, Hongkong   Copies of the Mini-Dinky models, sold on blistercards.
Adtrucks Adtrucks, UK   Simple diecast truckmodels for promotional purposes.
ADV Mini Azimut Productions, France  modellisting Resin kits of military vehicles in 1/72 scale, limited production.
l'Aiguilleur l'Aiguilleur, France modellisting One model only, a resin Bernard truck. Out of production.
AHI Ahi Brand Toys, Japan modellisting Diecast models sold in sets of 12, out of production.
AHM Associated Hobby Manufacturers, USA modellisting American distribution company, now IHC.
AIM Albert Elovitz Inc., USA   Solid metal Checker cab model.
Airfix Airfix Products Ltd., UK modellisting OO/HO scale military models.
Airmodel Simon Modellbau, Germany modellisting Apart from their extensive range of aircraft kits Airmodel also offers vacuformed vehicle kits.
A-Line A-Line / Joe Delia, USA   Plastic kits of trailer/container models.
ALM American Limited Models, USA modellisting Intermodal equipment: tank containers and highway chassis.
Albedo Albedo-Forkel GmbH, Germany   Started to offer models with high quality prints in 1980, went on to produce their own truckmodels a few years later. Started selling moulds for plastic models in 2004 (Mercedes Actros --> Rietze) and rumour has it that they will focus on promotional diecast models. Sept.2005: The Albedo website is 'under construction' (and has already been for a while) and production has probably stopped. October 2007: website offline. The Forkel brothers, Albedo's owners, have started a new company: Trucks@More Ltd.
ALO Alexander Olajos, Austria modellisting Limited editions of ready-made resin busmodels of Austrian prototypes like Steyr and Gräf & Stift.
Alloy Forms Alloy Forms Inc., USA modellisting Also see Lee Town / Motor City Classics.
All World Models Ralph Johnson, USA   Custom built truck and trailer model.
Alpadria ?, Italy   Models of trolleybuses
Alsetoy Alsetoy, Spain modellisting Manufacturer of the Cadum Pax models, several models were also released with 'Alsetoy' on the bottomplate.
Al's Favourites Fons Custers, Netherlands modellisting Production stopped. The models, clear and hollow resin kits and assembled models of US prototypes were actually made by Fons Custers (Focus) in the Netherlands. 
Alt Berlin Model International, Germany modellisting Re-issue of 12 Anguplas oldtimers in kitform.
American Trains American Trains, USA   Companyname changed to Little Things in 1982.
AMW / AWM AWM Automodelle GmbH, Germany modellisting AMW changed their name to AWM because BMW thought that AMW might cause confusion...... Information we received tells us that BMW threatened AMW with a lawsuit. 
Anbrico Anbrico Scale Models, UK modellisting 1/76th scale white-metal kits of buses, out of production, but reissued by ABS. Link points to a fansite.
Aneste Aneste, Spain modellisting Offers railroad accessories and as a sideline car models with Spanish police printings. Possesses the Alt Berlin moulds.
andrepa André Siefert, Germany modellisting Resin kits.
Anguplas Anguplas, Spain modellisting One of the early Wiking competitors. Produced a line of well over 100 different models in high quality.
APH American Prototype Hobbies, USA modellisting Whitemetal accessory parts and kitbashes.
APM American Precision Models, USA modellisting Injection moulded bus models, probably out of production. Website offline since June 2005.
Appelman Adri Appelman, The Netherlands   Distributor of BdB models. Two BdB models were sold under the Appelman name, a DMC (DeLorean) and a Reliant Scimitar SS1.
Äppli M. Äppli, Germany   Distributor for handbuilt busmodels that were made in Switzerland. Operated from 1984 onwards.
APS APS Politoys/Polistil, Italy modellisting 'Pennytoys'
APS Collection IMU, Germany modellisting Subbrand of IMU, injection moulded VW T1 pickup and some other models which later reappeared at Euromodell.
ARI August Riedeler & Co, former GDR modellisting Production stopped.
Arii Arii Models, Japan   1/87 plastic kit of a Japanese bus in Japan National Railways livery.
Aris ?, Russia modellisting Manufactures a Lada Samara (among other models).
Arsenal-M HO Military Depot / Thomas Fichtl, Germany modellisting Military models in resin and plastic.
Artapo Artapo, Czech Republic modellisting Assembled resin models.
Artitec Artitec, The Netherlands modellisting Resin kits of WWII military vehicles and horsedrawn carriages.
ASA 2000 Siekmann & Co., Germany modellisting Efsi and Praline models with own printing, production stopped around 1986.
ASB ASB Hobby, USA   Specialized in metal miniatures of vehicles, parts and construction equipment.
ASC ASC Aoshin, Japan modellisting Die-cast models of Hino buses in two (?) versions.
Astretsovskaia ?, former USSR modellisting Two models known, both diecast (zamac) with plastic wheels.
Athabasca Athabasca Scale Models Ltd., Canada modellisting Brass siding for trailers.
Athearn Horizon Hobby Inc., USA   Longtime producer of railroad equipment and plastic truck models, also produces the former Railpower Products models.
Atelier Debelleyme Eric Decaix, France modellisting Resin kits and ready-made models.
Atlantic Atlantic, Italy modellisting Plastic kits of military models in 1/72 and aircraft in 1/100. Out of production.
Atlas Atlas, USA modellisting Produces high quality plastic models of Ford prototypes.
ATM Fermodel Fabio Dobran, Italy modellisting See CoMet.
'Audi' ?, ? modellisting Well-known car manufacturer Audi offers a line of solid pewter models, all in 1/87.
Aurora Aurora Plastics Corp., USA   Manufactured 1/64 scale slotcars, often referred to as HO-scale in the US, production stopped  when Aurora went bankrupt in the 1980s. Also manufactured a series of tanks in 1/87 in the 'Military  Midgets' series. See HP RepLicars and R&L.
Authenticast Comet Metal Products Co. Inc., USA modellisting Die-cast models of tanks in 1/108 scale and railroad accessories in 1/87, production stopped.
Auto-Land Auto-Land Hamburg, Germany modellisting Resin kit of a Krupp Titan truck, introduced 1986. Planned to produce other trucks from the fifties and sixties, but these were never released.
Automobilia AutoMobilia R. Müller, Germany modellisting Photo-etched detail parts. 
Automoviles Yepes Avila & Cia S.C., Colombia modellisting Set of six simple plastic models made after American prototypes.
Auto Replicas BKL Developments, UK modellisting Took over the Walldorf Mini line and added it to their series of 1/43 metal kits.
Autosculpt (name withheld), UK modellisting Resin models with base plates, also hollow-cast kits (available upon special request since 2003).
Aweco / Agritec ROS srl., Italy modellisting Several keychain models.
Azul Models Matthias Grottendieck, Germany modellisting Resin kits.



B52-H Steve Talaga, USA modellisting Resin kits of various models after US prototypes offered on Ebay under user-ID B52-H. Now called KitBashCastings.
Bachmann Bachmann Industries, USA modellisting Manufacturer of a set of 6 American passenger cars in three types (simple quality) plus 3  metal Hi-Railers models (one schoolbus). 
Balaban Balaban Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş, Turkey modellisting Simple plastic models found in 'Toto' chocolate eggs, actual manufacturer unknown.
Ballentin Ballentin Connection, Germany modellisting Distributor of eastern European trucks and cars. 
Bandai Bandai Toys Co.Ltd, Japan modellisting Produced a series of airport vehicles from 1976 onward.
Banpresto Bandai Co., Japan modellisting Soft plastic models made after Honda, Nissan and Toyota prototypes.
Bastian Fa. Heinrich Bastian, Germany modellisting Manufactures kits and sells parts, mainly originating from Preiser and Kibri plus accessories for cranes.
BAT Models ?, Italy   Produced a limited edition of about 100 handbuilt resin Volkswagen Hebmüller Convertible (1949) models in the 1980s.
Bauer Heinrich Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany modellisting Solid metal models made in the 1990s.
Bauer Bauer Modelldesign, Germany   Vehicles for the Faller-AMS carsystem, 1/60 scale.
Bayernmodell Bayern Modell, Germany   Jörg Stettnisch produced and issued a Setra S6 busunder the Bayernmodell name, distribution by IMU.
BDB Bouwe de Boer, The Netherlands modellisting Highly detailed white-metal and resin models, production stopped but will resume in 2005.
Beka Bernd Kasten Modellbau, Germany modellisting Ex-DMV IFA models as well as new injection-moulded bus and tram models.
Bellifortis George Pistof, Greece modellisting Resin kits of military vehicles.
Bellini Bellini Models Ltd., UK  See Piccolino Series of land speedrecord cars in 1/76 available as kit and as ready-made model. The models were made by and are currently available from R.A.E.
Berliniatur Berliniatur, Germany modellisting One model sofar, a resinkit of a German DE74 doubledeckerbus.
Berlinplast VEB Plastspielwaren Berlin, former GDR   See Plastspielwaren.
Bernd's ?, Germany   Built and painted MEK-kits. 
Berolina Axel Wurl, Germany modellisting Assembled resin models, out of production.
Bevi ?, Switzerland modellisting Herpa models with Swiss prints available for a short while in the early 1980s.
Beyer Electronic Beyer Electronic, Germany   Not a real modelmaker, enhances models with lighting.
BFS Modelle Bernard Kunze, Germany modellisting Resin kits and accessories.
BGB Broad Gauge Bodies, Australia    Manufacturer of rolling stock kits of predominantly South Australian and Victorian railway prototypes. Also manufactures cast resin container and trailer kits and makes Australian decals.
Bienengräber Bienengräber & Co., Germany   Distributor operating in the 1980s.
Big 6 ?, USA ? modellisting Set of six 1950s / 1960s Le Mans racers as white-metal kits.
BigBoysToys Peter Rottscheidt, Germany   Handmade metal model of an 'American motorbike'.
Big River Spaulding Trading & Shipping, USA modellisting Resin kits / conversion parts 
Biller Hans Biller Patentspielzeug, Germany   Used Wiking and Hammer models in their 'Highway' playset released in the 1970s. The models were converted for use on a slottrack by means of a plastic pin that was attached to the models with a rubber band.
Dražen Bjelić Dražen Bjelić, Croatia modellisting Ready-made resin models.
BK Modelle Burghard Kraft, Germany


Produced resin models in the 1980s.
BKL BKL Developments, UK   White-metal model kits, also known as Auto-Replicas.
BLK BLK, Germany  
Blue Box ?, Hongkong modellisting Plastic models in 1/76 scale.
BMD Bayerisches Modellauto Design H. Galneder, Germany   Released one model, a MAN UXT race-truck in 1993.
B+N Modelle Jaroslav Benak, Czech Republic   Resin models, without glazing, of Bugatti prototypes.
Bohemia Model Hynek Knopp, Czech Republic   Company changed its name to K+R in 1992.
Boley Boley Corp., USA   Trucks, fire apparatus and military models (several models are made by Hongwell / Cararama).
'Bonux' Bonux, France modellisting Give-aways used by French washing powder brand Bonux. Also see Clé and Jouef.
Bourbon Bourbon, France   French manufacturer (1960s) which is quite well known in France for 'promotional' plastic injected models for companies like Total, BP, Antar, Poclain and Lion Noir based on very good models of various prototypes. These models were always in 1/43 or 1/50 but there is one exception, an 1/100 Citroen pick-up keychain which is interesting as a unique reproduction in of the last truck made by Citroën in the mid 1960s. It was probably a promotional model made for the Citroën Industrial Vehicle Division.
Bowser Bowser Trains, USA   Railroad equipment and accessories.
Boyd Walthers, USA   Efsi, Roskopf, Brekina and Preiser models were sold under this name in the USA, there were probably more.
Brändli Margrith Brändli, Switzerland modellisting Metal kits of Swiss buses, trucks and accessories.
Brasilflex Brasilflex Indústria e Comércio LTDA, Brazil   Simple plastic model of an Alfa Romeo Alfetta.
Brawa Brawa, Germany   Ex-Eheim trolleybuses, out of production.
Breiter + Wolter Breiter und Wolter GbR, Germany   Two die-cast models, a Jeep Wagoneer and a Ford T, were introduced in 1985. Production stopped soon after 1985.
Brekina Brekina Automodelle GmbH, Germany modellisting Specializing in truck and car models from the 1950s - 1970s.
Brianza Carlo Brianza, Italy   Produced an 1/87 model of a 1962 Ferrari GTO in the 1980s.
Brima Brima, Belgium modellisting Herpa models (mostly Belgian police vehicles) with own printing.
Britains Britains Toys, UK modellisting 1/76th scale die-cast models, produced from 1954-1960.
Bronco ?, Czech Republic modellisting Ready-made resin models of classic cars.
Brück ?, Germany   Released a photo-etched detailing set for trucks in 1980.
Bruder Bruder Spielwaren GmbH & Co., Germany modellisting Simple plastic models.
BS-Design Helmut Bross Objekt Design, Germany modellisting A vast range of resin models, in business for over 20 years now.
B&S Benthake & Seibert, Germany modellisting Production stopped, several trailer mould have been sold to Herpa.
B.T.S. Bill's Train Shop, USA modellisting Brass kits.
Bub Paulus Bub, Germany modellisting Die-cast models, production stopped around 1960. 'KB' logo on the bottom of the models.  
Bub Classics Bub Toys, Germany modellisting Die-cast models, new tooling, no 1/87 replicas of early Bub models. Also see: Y-serie.
Buby ?, Argentina   1/87 (?) plastic models made in the 1960s. We know of these three models sofar: Plymouth Valiant, Ford Falcon, Fiat 600.
Budgie Budgie Models Ltd, UK modellisting Also known as Morestone, Modern, Esso and Mobile.
'Buggy666' ?, Brazil modellisting 'Buggy 666' is the user ID of a Brazilian maker of resin models.
Bburago Bburago SpA, Italy modellisting 1/87 scale solid metal keychain models. Production stopped, Bburago went out of business in 2006 and was bought by Maisto.
BusArt ?, Germany   Polyurethane vac-form kit of a MAN NL 202 bus.
Busch Busch Modellspielwaren, Germany   Apart from producing their own models, Busch still uses several ex-Praline moulds. 
BVC ?, Spain modellisting Copies of Wiking models sold in blister packs.



C.A.B. Enterprises C.A.B. Enterprises, USA   Rietze busmodels with new prints, sold in the US.
Cadum Pax ?, France modellisting Production stopped. Cadum Pax is a French soapbrand that used to put give-aways in the boxes. See: Alsetoy and Bonux.
CAIFFA MC-CAIFFA, France   Simple plastic models.
Campbell Campbell Scale Models, USA modellisting Metal kits. Division of Weston ?
Cannon Cannon Scale Models, USA   Caterpillar RD6 dozer.
Carbone 87 Ilario Chiera, France modellisting Distributed by Evrat, production stopped.
'Car Graphic' ?, Japan modellisting Approx. 1/100, simple plastic give-aways used by Suntory, actual manufacturer unknown.
Carmate Carmate, Japan   Keychains with plastic 1/90 models made by Initial D.
Carocar Carocar, Germany modellisting Announced three models (Borgward, Goliath and a 1950s Ferrari F1) in 1997. There has not been any news regarding those models since 1997, but in 2002 the Ferrari F1 has been released.
Carte ?, ?   Prevost H5-60 bus in 1/90.
Cavalleria Italiana Cavalleria Italiana, Italy modellisting Resin kits of military vehicles (Italian prototypes).
CD Creation & Distribution, Hongkong   3 US truck models of simple quality, first appeared in 1982.
C&D C&D Models, USA modellisting Farm equipment and detail parts, plus a Dodge pickup made of cast metal.
C&D Excusiv C&D Exclusiv Design, Germany modellisting Cast silver models made by the Herpa owners.
CED Andreas Örmenyi, Germany   Photoetched conversion kits for military models.
CGGC CGGC Grisoni, Italy modellisting Simple plastic models in various scales.
Chadwick Chadwick-Miller Inc., USA   Simple plastic truckmodels (Thames Trader)
Champico Paul's Model Art, Germany   87th scale models of the Opel Calibra V6 used in the German DTM series.
Charbens Charbens & Co. Ltd., UK modellisting Around 1/90th scale die-cast, production stopped around 1970.
'Chymos' ?, ?   Chymos Karamels from Finland used 1/87th plastic car models as give-aways. The following eight models are known: Austin A50 Cambridge, DKW 3=6, Mercedes 220S, Opel Kapitan, Porsche 356, Saab 93, Studebaker Power Hawk, Volkswagen Beetle. 
CIJ CIJ Micro Miniature, France modellisting Die-cast models, some close to 87th scale, production stopped around 1960.
Circus Crafts ?, USA  
CJD ?, France modellisting Several die-cast models of French cars.
CMC Canterbury Miniature Commercials, UK   1/76th (OO) scale models.
CMW Classic Metal Works, USA   Diecast models of American prototypes.
CMSC Continental Model Supply Co., UK modellisting Military models in 87th scale. Now part of United Fun.
CCM Classic Construction Models, USA modellisting Limited edition brass and diecast models of construction equipment.
Chooch Enterprises Chooch Enterprises, Inc., USA   Manufactured a cast resin junkyard scene, no longer in production.
Classic Carlectables Classic Carlectables, Australia   Die-cast (keychain) models of racingcars used in the Australian 'V8 Bathurst Series'.
Classic Mint Classic Mint Collectibles, USA   Peterbilt 379 tractor and Talbert trailer in brass.
Clay Alvey Clay Alvey Models, USA modellisting Resin kits.
Clé Clément Gaget Ets., France modellisting 1/90th scale plastic models, production stopped. 
CMC CMC GmbH, Germany   Distributor of a solid metal VW Santana model of unknown (Chinese ?) manufacture. Possibly also the manufacturer of a VW 1200 and several Audi models.
CMK Czech Masters Kits, Czech Republic   Announced resin kits of military vehicles in March 2004.
C in C C in C Soft Metal Castings, USA modellisting Chevrolet C60 metal kit in several versions.
Colibri Model Group Dniepr, Ukraine   1/87th scale military models.
Collection Signature

Luc Rondeau, Canada

modellisting Truck models, small series.
Comando ?, Spain modellisting Simple plastic models.
Comet Comet Metal Co., US   Producer of the Authenticast diecast models.
Comet Comet Miniatures, UK   Produced a series of white-metal models (Supermarionation Mini Metals) in the 1970s (?) which had one carmodel in near 87th scale: the six-wheeled Rolls-Royce FAB1 from the TV-series 'The Thunderbirds'.
Co.Met Ferdinando Palatucci, Italy modellisting White-metal kits and ready-made models.
Concentra Calidad, Mexico modellisting Manufactured Anguplas models from the original moulds in the 1970s. The models have 'Made in Spain' on the bottomplate.
Con-Cor Con-Cor International, USA   Route 66 line of products, made from Promotex parts.
Conrad Conrad GmbH, Germany   Diecast crane models.
Conversion 87 Münchener Modellbahn Treff (MMT), Germany see MMT Resin kits, production stopped.
'Co-op' ?, Germany modellisting German supermarket which offered diecast truck models plus a plastic model of a Mercedes-Benz truck, which was a Herpa copy made in China. Co-op in Switzerland sold a simple plastic model of a Saurer as well.
Coop-Champ ?, France modellisting French supermarket chain, used modified Jouef models as promotionals. See Jouef.
Coopercraft Coopercraft, UK   1/76th scale plastic kit of a 1931 ACE Monarch truck.
CopCar Collection ?, ? modellisting Circa 1/87 model of a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria (not identical to the Busch or Walthers models). See: 'US Highway Stars'.
Corgi Zindart Ltd., Hongkong   Some models from the former 'Corgi Juniors' line are circa 1/87, quality like the Matchbox models.
Cotswold Cotswold (?), UK   See Sutherland.
Cox Cox Products Inc., USA modellisting Production stopped in 1978, some moulds were used by AHM in the 1980's.
CR ?, ?   2 plastic models, a Unimog and a Mercedes Targa Florio racing car (1923).
Cragstan Cragstan, USA   US distributor of AHI diecast models. 
Crescent Station Crescent Station, USA   Took over the Mountain States Ford models mould.
Cromwell  United Fun, Germany   Resin kits of military vehicles in 1/76.
Crown Toys Crown Toys, Hongkong   See Ferrero.
Crusader Crusader models, USA   1/87 military models.
C'sM Collector's Model, Hongkong   1/76 models of Hongkong doubledecker buses, out of production.
C-S Train C-S Train, Czech Republic modellisting Skoda Favorit / Felicia / VW Caddy pickups.
Cursor Renner Werbemittel OHG, Germany modellisting Produced a plastic farm tractor for Renault in 1973, provided models for Ferrero and manufactured metal models for Märklin.
Curtis Curtis Hobbies, USA   Trailer and container kits.
Custom Finishes Bob Rzasa, USA modellisting Whitemetal construction equipment and accessories, production stopped.
Cutter's Miniature Castings Jerry & Lee, USA modellisting Resin kits of American cars.



Dahlmann  Dahlmann Modellspielwaren, Germany modellisting Plastic kits of oldtimer trucks.
Dahmer Kurt Dahmer KG, former GDR   Distributor of model trains and accessories, sometimes included EMW models made by Herr.
Damman Cornelius Damman, Germany   Only one model, a resin Austin Healey 3000. 
Danhausen Spielwaren Danhausen, Germany modellisting Issued the Metal87 kits.
Danies Andreas Danies, Germany   Resin kit of a Demag H485S, see D&K.
Dapol Dapol Model Railways, UK modellisting 1/76th scale die-cast kits.
Darda GWH Spielwaren-Handels GmbH, Germany   The Chevrolet Citation they introduced in 1993 as an accessory to their modeltrainset was made by Life-Like.
Dart Castings Dart Castings, UK modellisting 1/76th scale white-metal kits.
Dau-Modell Dau-Modell, Germany   Also know as Dau-Bo Bahn, DAU rereleased the (improved) ex-Hammer busmodels in 1979.  
DAVO Davo Model David Juza, Czech Republic   Motorcycle kits.
Davric Kits ?, UK   1/76th scale plastic kits.
Day, John Crispin Day, UK modellisting 1/76th scale white-metal kits.
DDF Diorama Display Factory, Japan   Diecast trailer model.
Deak Modellsport Deák Modellsport, Hungary   Ready-made bus models.
'Del Prado' Various manufacturers modellisting Various models, some in 1/87.
Delvo Andre Delvo, Germany   Models of circustrailers (photo etched !) 
Deoma Deoma Micromodels, Italy modellisting 1950s/60s manufacturer of die-cast models. Several Bedford and Humber models known, scale >1/87 but <1/64. Also known as FSB Microtoys.
Des Kit Des Kit, France   Several resin truck kits, one of them is a 1980 White Road Boss.
Deskrunner Keyence, Japan   Herpa trucks converted to radio-control.
DGB Detlef Gummersbach, Germany modellisting 87th scale photo-etched metal frame of a Setra S6 bus and possibly several conversion fronts for Wiking buses.
DGD / Dorfner DGD Werbeartikel GmbH / Dorfner Grafik Design, Germany   Simple die-cast and plastic trucks used as promotional models.
Dicascale ?, Japan   Diecast busmodels in 1/100.
DieCast Direct ?, ?   Announces a diecast model of a Divco milk truck for 2008.
Diesel 87 Narwag, France  modellisting Resin kits of American trucks.
Diko-Rama ?, Mexico   Former R&L models. See R&L, HP RepLicars and Aurora.
Dime Dime Modellbau, Germany   Accessories in different scales.
Dinky Toys Meccano, UK modellisting Diecast assembled models in 1/76, similar to 'Matchbox'. Also known as 'Dinky Dublo'. 
Dirkzwager Paul Dirkzwager, The Netherlands   Cast truckcabs and plastic kits, conversion sets and accessries. 
DJH DJH Inc., GB modellisting See Grandspot.
D&K Danies & Koch Models, Germany modellisting Heavy duty truck kits, most notably oil field equipment.
DKMB Daniel Kürschner Modellbau, Germany   Resin kits and accessories, mainly GDR prototypes.
DMC DMC Decals, Denmark   Decals and small accessories.
DMT Productions Dave Hanson, USA   1/87th scale replicas of spacecraft that were used in the TV series "V".
DMV Deutsche Modelleisenbahn Verband, Former GDR   Production stopped in 1992, their model of the IFA Garant truck is now made by Beka.
DOM DOM Models, ?   Papermodels in 87th scale.
Dom Plastik Dom Plastik GmbH, Germany   Manufactured give-aways for other companies in the 1980s.
Doyusha Doyusha Model Co.Ltd. modellisting At least two series of models, one close to 87th scale the other bigger.
Dreamdock Birger Hennig, Germany modellisting Decals and parts.
DRG DRG Modell Berlin, Germany   Metal kits
Drop & Hook Drop & Hook Scale Models, USA   Exclusive series of Promotex trucks and trailers with special decals.
Drummer ?, China modellisting Announced first models at the Nuremberg Toyfair 2007, European distribution by Brekina.
DS DS Design, Germany modellisting Decals and small series resin kits.
Dumont Parts ?, Brazil   See 'Buggy666', some models are offered as 'Dumont Parts'.
Dupliform Dupliform, France modellisting Bernard 6x2 trucks released between 1992 and 1995.
Durango Durango Press, USA   Offered a truck and trailer kit (metal/plastic) in 1983, now part of JL Innovative.
Dutch Art Cor v.d. Meijde, the Netherlands modellisting Resin kits, some originally from TC Modelworks.
DW Model Wolfgang Dwuzet, Germany modellisting Solid resin kits, mostly copies of Herpa, Eko and IMU models which were made in the 1980s. Production stopped, but there were rumours about a new model, a Fiat 850 Coupe in three versions.
Dynamights Zylmex, USA   Die-cast tank models.
Dyna-Model Dyna Model Products, USA modellisting White metal kits and ready-made models.



Eames ?, UK   1/76 scale white-metal kits.
Easyway Easyway, New-Zealand   Detailing parts.
Ebbro MMP Ltd., Japan   Produces a series of 1/80th scale Japanese GT sportscars.
ECA ?, ?   Cheap plastic models, contemporary to Eko.
Ecoh   ?, Japan   Kit of an American-style schoolbus in brass.
Editions Atlas Norev / Universal Hobbies modellisting Editions Atlas sells series of models made by others. One of the series initially consisted of Norev models in 1/87 but this series stopped. When the series re-appeared later on the models were made by Universal Hobbies. 
Edocar Edor Benelux BV, The Netherlands   Although most of their models are not to scale, a few of them are very close to 1/87. Production stopped after the bankruptcy of Edocar in June 2007.
Exclusive First Editions
Gilbow Holdings Ltd., modellisting Models of British trucks and buses in 1/76 (OO).
EFKA ?, Belgium ? modellisting Simple plastic copies of EKO models, see Kim-Play.
Efsi Holland-OTO, The Netherlands modellisting Die-cast truckmodels, mainly promotional items. Now Holland-OTO.
Egenolf ?, Germany   Production stopped.
Eheim Günther Eheim, Germany modellisting Production stopped.
Eich  Eich-Modell-Design, Switzerland   Presented improved R+H trucks in 1992
Eidai Eidai Co.Ltd., Japan   See Grip Zechin / World Zechin.
EKO EKO Industrias M. Blasco, Spain modellisting Well-known producer of simple plastic models partially derived from Anguplas moulds.
Eldon ?, ?   87th scale plastic kits, packed in boxes resembling matchboxes.
Electrotren Hornby Plc., UK   Simple car models for electric trains plus some container and trailer models. Owned by Hornby since 2005.
Elgee ?,?   Simple plastic models.
Elite ?, ?   Released supermarket gift sets in 1992, diecast Mercedes and Kenworth trucks.
ELM Elegant Miniature Models / Empire Louis Marx, made in Hongkong for Marx USA. modellisting Simple plastic models, some were copies of Wiking models. Most models were sold in cardboard boxes.
Elsken ?, France modellisting Motorcycle models in 87th scale.
EMS EMS-Modellbau, Germany modellisting Solid resin kits.
Epoche Epoche Modellbau, Germany   Plastic models made since 1996, also developed moulds for other manufacturers.
E-R E-R Models, USA   American versions of Busch and Herpa models.
ERI ?, ?  
ERTL ERTL Co., USA   Trucks and farm equipment, production stopped.
Espewe VEB Kombinat Plasticart, Former GDR   Production stopped. Link points to a fansite.
Estrela ?, Brazil modellisting Simple plastic models.
EurHo Bram Osborne, UK & Belgium    Resin bus modelkits (A300 citybus, articulated AG300 and trolley AG300T), production stopped. See: Railline Products / Transcale.
Euromodel Euromodel Sa de CV, Mexico   Successor of Euromodell. Produces, among other models, an Opel Manta and Ascona B.
Euromodell ?, Germany   Production stopped.
Evergreen Hill Evergreen Hill Design, USA modellisting Diecast Caterpillar modelkits.
Evrat Yves Evrat, France modellisting Production stopped 2001, Mr. Evrat left the 87th scale sector.



Faller Gebr. Faller GmbH, Germany   Faller uses Wiking, Herpa and Brekina models as accessories to their kits. They also produce the Faller Car System.
Fanfare Fanfare Transport Models, UK   Produced a range of 1/76 scale bus model kits, which has been  transferred to the Little Bus Company.
Fastwheel  ?, Hongkong    Diecast Kenworth truck (issued 1983).
FCM / Fine Cast Models United Fun / Andreas Richter, Germany modellisting 87th scale kits of military models.
Feniks ?, Latvia   Small series of handbuilt models.
FER-HO ?, Spain   Simple plastic models.
Ferivan Fernand van Hoey, Belgium   Announced a 1963-1966 FIAT bus with Van Hool body at the 2002 Nuremberg Toyfair.
'Ferrero' ?, Austria information 'Kindersurprise' simple plastic models.
Ferro-Train ?, ?   Photo-etched bicycle models. 
F&F F&F Mould & Die Works, USA   Simple diecast models made in the 1950s, scale >1/87.
Fidelis Fidelis Models, USA   Produces resin kits, also distributor for military models made by other manufacturers like Trident, Heiser and Roco. 
Filter Ferdinand Filter, Germany   87th scale solid cast metal models which were copies of Wiking and Herpa models.
First Gear First Gear Inc., USA modellisting Die-cast construction equipment.
Fischer Fischer Modell, Germany   Only one model, a Karmann Ghia which re-appeared in the Praline series after the production stopped at Fischer. The original Fischer models have an 'FM' logo on the bottom. The model was also sold by Praline and is currently available from Busch.
Flaktrap ?, Canada   Resin kits of American prototypes.
Fleischmann Gebr. Fleischmann GmbH, Germany modellisting Hammer, Wiking and Herpa models are used as accessories to their trainsets. Fleischmann also produced their own models, of which one (A VW Golf) was used by Albedo to produce a 'Spaten Brau' model.
FMB FMB-Unicorn Scale, Germany   Resin truck cabs, three car models and some motorcycle models.
Focus Fons Custers, The Netherlands modellisting A range of more than 300 resin kits, out of production.
Focus Modell Parts Ronald Brekelmans Modelbouw, The Netherlands modellisting Reissues of Focus kits
France Plastique ?, France    Citroen HY van in 1/90.  
Francorusse ?, France modellisting Used modified Jouef models as promotionals. See Jouef.
Fresh Cherries MotorMax Toy Factory Ltd., China   See: Motormax
Friho Friho Modellbahnen, Switzerland   Truckmodels after Swiss Army and civilian prototypes, some based on Roco models, others are own developments (Saurer 6DM, Saurer 10DM, Bucher Duro).
Fröwis Wolfgang Fröwis, Germany modellisting One of the early small German manufacturers, cooperated with MBS.
Front Range Front Range Products Co., USA   Offered a truck/trailer kit in 1986.
FSB Microtoys Deoma Micromodels, Italy   See: Deoma.
F-Toys F-toys confect Co., Japan   Announced a series of 1/87 scale tanks after prototypes used by the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force in August 2007.
Fun HO ?, New-Zealand modellisting Production of the 87th scale models stopped. Replicas of the larger models are available again.
'Furuta' Furuta Confectionary, Japan modellisting Various series of models in near 1/87 scale used as give-aways in chocolate eggs.
Fyne Lyne Fyne Lyne Model Products, USA   Announced several resin kits of American prototypes. Release was expected in march 2002.....



Gacela Plasticos Gacela, Colombia modellisting Produced copies of Anguplas models in the 1960s.
Galgo Industrias Galgo, Argentina modellisting Two models known sofar, a Scania 111 and a FIAT truck. These two are most certainly the only models Galgo made in 1/87.
GAMA Trix Mangold GmbH, Germany   Made a die-cast model of a Henschel truck in the 1960s.
Gamda Gamda, Israel   Made a tank transporter with tank in 1/87.
Ganther Uwe Ganther, Germany modellisting Solid resin kits, have been distributed by EMS.
Gata  ?, USA   Distributor for diecast trucks made by Playart.
Gaugemaster ?, UK   Distributor (?) of HighSpeed models in the UK. The models are identical to the Schuco/ex-ModelPower/Malibu models.
GC Laser GC Laser Innovations, USA   Laser-cut wooden kit of a stakeside body suitable for the CMW International R190 truck.
Geerligs Modelauto E+R Geerligs, The Netherlands   Not a modelmaker, offered Herpa, Wiking, IMU and Brekina models with their own prints.
Geiger ?, Germany modellisting Solid resin copies of Wiking, Herpa and other models.
Gerard ?, Austria   Photo-etched bicycle models, now made by Ferro-Train.
Gerfaut Mr. Germont, France modellisting High quality resin kits and ready-made models.
GFM Gerhard Friedrich, Germany modellisting Resin kits. 
G&G Rail G&G Rail, Italy modellisting Resin models of Italian trucks and buses of the 1960s.
GGS Gotthard G. Sonnenborn, Germany   White-metal kit of a Lanz Eilbulldog.
GHQ GHQ Models, USA modellisting Whitemetal kits, mainly construction equipment.
Gibb's Metal Miniatures ?, USA   Gibbs Metal Miniatures was the new name for the Lit'l Toys models that was chosen after the Lit'l Toys factory had burned down in the 1960s and the company had relocated from Plattsburgh, New York to Canton, Ohio. They are easily distinguished when boxed because the Lit'l Toys boxes are yellow and black and the Gibbs boxes are gold and black. All models remained the same except for the Lima shovel which used to have an upper body part of metal which was changed to plastic.
Giesbers Models Jan Giesbers, The Netherlands   Resin kits of military vehicles in 1/76 scale.
GI Modellbau  Gerhard Iwanczyk, Germany   White-metal/photo-etched IFA Multicar M25, Krause Duo and KM 2301 models. 
GIN ?, USA   Diecast toys.
Giorno ?,?   Made at least one model, an Alfa Romeo 2300 Rio in solid resin.
Gitanes ?, France modellisting Die-cast models, production stopped.
Gladiator ?, Czech Republic (?) modellisting Models of Czech prototypes made from Igra parts and resin components.
Glico Ezaki Glico Co.Ltd., Japan modellisting Also known as Guriko.
Glittenberg ?, former GDR   Production stopped.
Gloor Craft Gloor Craft, USA   Producer of a whitemetal kit of a Chevrolet step van.
GM GM Modelle, Germany   Conversion kits for Herpa trucks, distributor.
GMD Modellbau Gabriele Koke, Germany   Distributor of resin and white-metal kits and accessories made by Langer.
Golden Wheel Golden Wheel Die Casting Factory Ltd., Hongkong   Diecast models of 1950s Ford trucks, made for and sold under the Imex name.
Gollwitzer Matthias Gollwitzer, Germany modellisting Resin kits, in production since ca. 1985.
Gordy Gordy Company, Hongkong   Released a series of plastic models (with several Matchbox copies in smaller scale among them) under both the Mini-Mite and Gordy-Mite name.
Gottsbacher Team 45 Modellbau, Austria  
Goudy Ken Goudy Decals, USA   Decals only.
Grandspot Grandspot, UK modellisting DJH models were also sold under this name.
Grant Grant Hobbycraft  & Toy Ltd., Canada   Distributor, sold Wiking models in Grant packaging in the 1950s.
Greenmax ?, Japan   1/87 Isuzu Ergo bus in various versions.
Greg's Garage* ?, USA modellisting Solid resin kits, about 50 different types available. (* Links to the website of The Train Exchange', click 'catalogue' then 'Greg's Garage'.) November 2006: Greg Brown is planning on retiring, the business is up for sale. February 2007: Greg Brown stopped taking orders as of 18/2/2007 and 'a verbal agreement was reached with a potential new owner. The transaction should be completed in April 2007 '. 
Grell Grell, Germany   Die-cast and plastic truckmodels used as promotionals (beertrucks)
Greule Edgar Greule, Germany   Distributor of a resin Fiat X1/9 model made by US-models.
Grinwis Jan-Cees Grinwis, The Netherlands modellisting Resin kits of various Landrovers, production stopped. 
Grip Zechin Eidai Co.Ltd., Japan modellisting -
GSP D.C. Bakker, The Netherlands modellisting Solid resin kits and assembled models.
Guepard Guepard, The Netherlands   Supplier of die-cast (made in China) DAF LF (ref# M002464) and CF (ref# M002362) models to the Dutch DAF dealerships.
Guisval Guisval SA, Spain   Diecast models issued late 70s-mid 80s (Volvo and Magirus trucks). New models announced at the 2002 Nuremberg toy fair, released in 2003.
Gulliver Fanabri, Portugal   Copies of Bruder models sold as 'Gulliver Top Cars'.
Günther Horst Günther Modellbau, Germany (until 1992)
Modellbau Kastner,  Austria (from may 2002) 
  Production stopped when Horst Günther died in 1992. The company was then bought by Manfred Fischer, who continued the production until December 2001. In May 2002 Günther was bought by Modellbau Kastner of Bürmoos, Austria, they continue to produce all Günther products and use the name.
Gunther's Car Company  Gunther Pelz, Germany   Distributor for American made models, produces a Kenworth K100 resin kit.
Guriko / Glico ?, Japan modellisting Toyota models, slightly bigger than 1/87. Also known as Glico
Gützold Gützold GmbH & Co. KG, Germany   Back in the GDR days, Gützold produced models for Piko and Plasticart. 
GWPCD Great Western Passenger Car Details, Canada   Models of US-style trailers of the 1950s.



H&K H&K87, France modellisting Military resin kits, now part of United Fun.
H&P ?, Sweden   Announced a white-metal conversion kit that builds a Swedish roadtrain used in lead-waste transport in 1992. 
Haberl Haberl + Partner, Germany modellisting Farm equipment in brass / whitemetal.
Hackel Jürgen Hackel, Germany  
Hales  ?, UK   Plastic kit of a Fowler steamroller in 1/76.
Hammer Arthur Hammer, Germany modellisting Plastic models in 1/80, Fleischmann used some of them on their carcarrier trains. Production stopped. Their busmodels have been rereleased by both Ribu and Dau-Modell.
HAPO HAPO / H. Pointner, Germany modellisting Assembled metal models.
Happy Hobbier Happy Hobbier Co.Ltd., USA   Repacked Life-Like models to be used as architectural models. Both the 1969 Ford F100 pick-up and the Chevrolet Citation model are known to exist in Happy Hobbier packaging. 
Hart Hart Models, UK   1/76 scale models.
Haubrich H.G. Haubrich, Germany modellisting Small series distributor and manufacturer of resin kits.
Haufe Gerhard Haufe, former GDR   Production stopped, in 1972 some moulds went to Modell-Konstrukt.
Hauler Hauler, Czech Republic modellisting Resin kits and accessory sets.
Haulrich ?, USA   In 1994, some of the Ulrich models were reproduced under this name.
Hausser Elastolin Hausser Elastolin, Germany   Used a Porsche model in the game 'Der Sportvagabund' which was released in 1955.
Havas ?, Hungary   Plastic Unimog 401 in several versions.
Haxo HM Diffusion, France modellisting Resin kits of French prototypes.
HB Model HB Model, Czech Republic modellisting Assembled bus models.
HBZ  Hobbybedarf Bodo Zimmerman, Germany   Distributor for Swiss Wiking models in 1981-91, also produced plastic showcases.
Hebeco Henry Becker & Co., Belgium   Used Kibri and Albedo models to release Belgian versions.
Hechtberger Werner Hechtberger, Germany   Accessories plus a BMW 507 model issued in 1978.
Heico-Modell Heico-Modell, Germany   Scale truckloads.
Heiser Heiser's Models Inc., USA   White cast resin German, Japanese, Italian, British, Soviet, French and American WWII vehicles and armor.
Heli Herbert Link, Germany   Resin kit of a Mercedes bus.
Heljan Heljan, Denmark   Offered the former Revell Chrysler models as kits.
Heras Heras, Germany modellisting Motorized versions of Wiking models, first introduced in 1961. Production stopped in 1967, production was some 6000 models in total. Also sold as 'WIAD'.
Hercules ?, Portugal   Simple plastic model of a Porsche 356.
Herka Herka, Canada  
Hermes Modelladen G. Hermes, Germany   Resin kits.
Herpa Fritz Wagener Gmbh, Germany modellisting Well-known manufacturers of plastic models.
Herr Ludwig Herr KG, former GDR   This company was later renamed to VEB Plastspielwaren Berlin.
Herr, Markus Markus Herr, Germany modellisting Conversions of plastic models, available in the 1990s.
Herrmann Herrmann + Partner GbR, Germany   Former Prefo models.
Herzog Herzog Modellbau, Switzerland


One model, a Sauber-Mercedes F1, production stopped.
Hetterich Hobby-Haus Hetterich, Germany   A well known German Hobbyshop that also produces models in limited editions.
Heyden ?, ?   Büssing Präfekt 12 D and MAN SL 192 models first announced at the 2008 Nuremberg Toy Fair.
Hey'l Thomas Hey'l, Germany    Model of a DAAG truck (brass casting).
HighSpeed High Speed Metal & Plastic Products Mfg., Co., Ltd., Hong Kong   Manufacturer of die-cast models sold by Schuco, ModelPower and Malibu International. Also made a near 87th scale model of an Ahrens-Fox firetruck for Reader's Digest USA. 
HighTech High Tech Modelle, Germany   Whitemetal kits.
Highway Miniatures Jordan Products, USA   See 'Jordan'.
Hildebrandt Gunnar Hildebrandt, Germany modellisting Resin models, out of production.
Hi-Rollers Lindberg Products Inc., USA   Plastic models of US truck in 1/90 and 1/100, production stopped. They were rereleased in 1981 under the 'Truckin' Big' name.
Hirsch  K. H. Hirsch, Germany   AC Cobra (metal) issued in '94, announced: Porsche 550 Spyder, Büssing truck cab and Nobas excavator.
Hirsch Modelle ?, Germany modellisting Resin kits of a Krupp Drache and a Krupp Cyklop.
HK Models Hynek Knopp, Czech Republic modellisting See Bohemia, see Knopp.
HMC HMC-Modellbahn, Germany   Improved models with their own prints (1979-?).
HMK HMK Specialty Products, Canada   Also known as HMK Custom Model Building. See Model Trucks & More.
Hobbex Hobbex Modellbahnzubehör, Germany   Improved Preiser circus cars.
Hobby-Ecke Hobby-Ecke, Germany   Distributed a metal kit of a pre-WWI truck, made by DRG.
Hobbytec Hobbytec Modelismo, Brazil   Resin models of Brazilian trucks.
HO Classic ?, Germany ?   Appeared on Ebay.de, a Büssing DE doubledeck bus and a Mercedes-Benz O302 bus both in various liveries.
Hoffmann Hoffmann Modelspielwaren, Austria   Manufactured several models of buildings and a tram 'inspired' by the Wiking models of that period (1960 -1965). 
Hoffmann’s Zubehör Heinz Hoffmann, Germany   License plates.
Holgate & Reynolds Holgate + Reynolds, ?   Metal kits of construction equipment.
HollandOto Holland Oto, The Netherlands   Former EFSI models.
Holler Holler Kleinkunst, Germany   Production stopped.
Homann Manfred Homann, Germany   Metal model of a Porsche Boxster, introduced in 1994. 
Höpke Höpke, Germany   Resin truck models.
Hori Toy Hori Toy, Japan   Japanese Hongwell/Cararama distributor, releases special versions of these models for the Japanese market.
Hot Wheels Mattel Inc., USA   Some of the models are close to 1/90.
Howard Models Howard Models, USA modellisting Architectural models in 1/96 scale.
Howell Toy Howell Toy Co. Ltd., China   Manufacturer of 'beertrucks' sold under different brandnames.
HP HP Replicars, UK modellisting Near 1/87 scale kits of pre-war oldtimers. See R&L and Aurora Snap-A-Roos.
Hruska-Permot Hruska-Permot, Germany   Ex-GDR manufacturer with a long tradition. Took over MAB.
Hs`A Werner Herrler, Germany modellisting Assembled resin models.
HTC ?, Japan  
Hubley Hubley Manufacturing, USA modellisting Die-cast and plastic models.
Hudson Hudson Miniatures, USA modellisting Die-cast models of American prototypes, made in the 1940s / early 1950s.
Hümmer Hümmer, Germany   Die-cast and plastic truckmodels used as promotionals (beertrucks)
Hungarian Souvenirs ?, Hungary modellisting Simplified plastic truck models.
Husky Mettoy Playcraft Ltd., UK   Some near 1/87th scale die/cast models. Husky first appeared on the market in 1964. From 1970 onward, the Husky name slowly disappeared and was replaced by Corgi Juniors. When Mettoy went bankrupt in 1983, Corgi continued producing models. The 'independent' Corgi factory was bought by Mattel in 1989 and sold to investors in 1995. The company continued to make models under the Corgi Cars name and has been sold to Zindart of Hongkong in 1999.
Hydrosphère ?, France   Solid clear resin models of Citroen cars.

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