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PIC-R   Hammer

In 1978 Fleischmann released their first 1/87 scale model, a Volkswagen Golf, later followed by four other, at that time contemporary, vehicles. These models were meant as accessories for the company's train layouts, just like the Hammer models Fleischmann used in the 1960s.

The models were of simple quality (no interior, no chromed parts for example), but they were still comparable to Wiking and Herpa products. There were rumours throughout the 1980s that Fleischmann would further develop the series, but nothing like that happened. Despite that there were some reissues of the models with special prints for the Nuremberg Toy Fair for instance. 

Ref# Model Year Colors
Audi 100 (pic. below)
1978 Blue, lightgray, red, dark-blue, turquoise with Fleischmann print, white (2 shades)
? 1978 Lightgray, red, green, orange, cream, dark-blue, anthracite, bright yellow
? 1979 Turquoise, anthracite, dark-blue, red, orangered
? 1978 Bluegray, green, lightgray, red, anthracite, dark-blue, cream
? 1978 White, orange, black, dark-blue, red, green
? Volkswagen Golf 4-door 1979 Green, orange, dark-blue, red
VW Golf German Post
1978 Yellow

Before releasing their own models Fleischmann used eight different types of Hammer models on at least two types of freight cars:

#1425 (5700) American New York Central flat car, loaded with two cars. Catalogue years: 1960-1973.
#1472 (5275) DB Autotransportwagen Offs55 or Laes542 loaded with eight cars. Catalogue years: 1960-1971. 

Fleischmann 1472

The following Hammer models were used:

Ref# Model
1 Mercedes Benz 220S
2 BMW 507
3 Opel Rekord Caravan
4 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia I
5 Mercedes Benz SL
6 DKW Auto Union 1000
7 Borgward Isabella
8 Opel Kapitšn

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