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C.I.J. (Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet)


C.I.J. (Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet) is well known in France for its 45 years of producing toys such as cars, trucks and buses in various materials and scales. Their earliest models were tintoys made for Renault (f.e. Celtaquatre, Juvaquatre, Fregate) in big scales like 1/20th. In the early 1950's until the company seized to exist in mid 1960's C.I.J. was one of the competitors of companies like Dinky Toys France, JRD, Quiralu and Solido with a complete range of 1/43rd to 1/45th scale die-cast models of mostly french cars and 1/55th scale Renault and Somua trucks. Their quality was quite similar to Dinky Toys, and what made this range of models interesting was their different choice of models. 

CIJ has also made a series of smaller scale models and although they are not homogenous in scale their choice of models was interesting enough to list them here.


Ref#  Model Scale
M1 Somua Paris Bus 1/120
M2 Peugeot 403  1/86
M3 Renault 120CV Van 1/120
M4 Renault 120CV Dumper 1/120
M5 Renault 120CV tanker truck 1/120
M6 Renault 1000kg Ambulance  1/100
M7 Renault 1000kg Van 1/100
M8 Renault Dauphine  1/85
M9 Simca Ariane 1/86
M10 Renault 1000Kg Ambulance Army 1/100
3-20 Panhard Movic tanker "BP Energol"  1/80
3-21 Renault R4080 tanker "Shell"  1/85
3-26 Renault 120CV flat tarpaulin covered truck 1/72
3-27 Flat tarpaulin covered trailer for 3-26  1/72

Renault R4000 coach 


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