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New releases / 3rd Quarter 2003

Rietze - September 2003

50516 Opel Astra Caravan 'Zoll' 
50810 SEAT Alhambra Ambulance 'Godrie'
60079 Neoplan Megaliner 'Der Elsetaler'
61111 Neoplan Cityliner 'Westercoach'
61426 Setra S315GT 'Niedermayer Reisen'
61920 Van Hool T9 'De Boezem'
62324 Setra S315GT-HD 'Luxbus'
62584 Mercedes-Benz Citaro 'TCRM'
62606 Mercedes-Benz Citaro 'Schuldes'
62826 Mercedes-Benz Citaro G 'RVB'
63232 Mercedes-Benz Integro 'Verkehrsbetriebe Belzig'
63332 Mercedes-Benz Cito 'Aalborg'
63333 Mercedes-Benz Cito 'Autobus di Linea'
63529 MAN Lion's Star 'Burkert-Reisen'
63722 Irisbus Ares 'RBO Regensburg'
63840 Mercedes-Benz Travego 'Robert-Reisen'
63843 Mercedes-Benz Travego 'Heidis Reisen'
63846 Mercedes-Benz Travego 'WMA Touristik'
64001 Setra S315HD 'China'
64317 MAN Lion's Coach 'KVG Bernburg'
64319 MAN Lion's Coach 'Pamukkale Tours'

Igra - September 2003

IG955 Tatra 815 firetruck 'Truppenübungsplatz Oberlausitz'

Herpa - September 2003

023191 BMW 5-series
033190 BMW 5-series metallic 
045957 BMW X 5 'fire department BMW plant Regensburg'
051934 Telescopable payload 
051941 Schmitz rear bumper (6 pieces) 
051958 roof rack with board for BF3 (2 pieces) 
051965 Lateral underride protection for trailer (closed)
075787 Low-boy trailer 
101547 Mini Cooper S 'Italy', PC 
149402 Mercedes-Benz Actros L box trailer 'DAB' 
149426 Low boy set 'Hoevelmann/Boeckenholt' 
149563 DAF XF SSC refrigerated box trailer 'A. Bauer & Sohn'
149570 Volvo FH XL curtain canvas semitrailer 'Herbst'
149587 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH '02 box semitrailer 'Reischl'
149594 MAN TGA XXL interchangeable box trailer 'Hoehner'
149617 Volvo FH GL Refrigerated box semitailer 'Börjes'

Ulrich Models - September 2003

Picture © Ulrich Models - used by permission

1955 Mack tractor with Fruehauf type trailer 'Schlitz' (ready-made)
1955 Mack 2-axle tractor (kit)
1955 Mack 2-axle tractor with Fruehauf type trailer (kit)
1955 Mack tractor 3-axle (kit)
1955 Mack tractor 3-axle with Fruehauf type trailer (kit)
Fruehauf type trailer (square nose, kit)

Pictures © Ulrich Models - used by permission

Railline Products - available shortly

Van Hool A300 in Belgian 'De Lijn' colours (Resin kit, built-up version shown)

ADP - August 2003

11001 Robur 611 prototype pickup w/ canvas (1978)
11001 Robur 611 prototype pickup w/ canvas army truck (1978)
11002 Robur 609 prototype car transporter (1977/90)
11170 IFA L60 1118 prototype pickup w/ canvas (1976)
11170 IFA L60 1118 prototype pickup w/ canvas army truck (1976)
11870 Ford FK 2000 'THW', short wheelbase
11871 Ford FK 2000 logging truck
11648 Opel Kapitän 'Polizei' (1950-51) 

Weico - August 2003

BP027 EK Holden Panel Van
BP028 VC Holden Commodore

Schuco - Summer 2003

05601 Smart City Coupé
05275 Unimog 401 'Malteser Hilfsdienst' (2000 pcs.)
05711 Henschel road roller

Edition 1:87
21690 VW bus T1 Samba with caravan
21710 VW Beetle with caravan
22631 MAN TG-A refrigerated box semitrailer truck 'Danone Obstgarten'
22048 Mercedes-Benz Actros 'Vodafone'

Motorsport / V8 Star
21619 1st Choice Racing 'P. Michels' (2002)
21624 SST Engineering 'S. Widmann' (2002)
21626 GAG Racing 'D. Adorf' (2002)
21630 J.A.G. Racing GmbH 'P. Simon' (2002) 
21632 Galeria Kaufhof 'R. Lechner' (2002)
21657 Pole Vision Racing 'R. Asch' (2002) 

Kibri - August 2003

B-12216 Fendt tractor with sawmill attachment
B-12220 MAN 3-axle trailer and ball-bailer load
B-13008 DEMAG AC 665 telescopic crane 'Baldwins'
B-13516 MAN OAF 4-axle, high-cab tractor unit
B-16062 Rail mounted UNIMOG 
B-50576 Scheuerle tractor unit with telescopic trailer
B-51164 MAN tractor unit with generator and Scheuerle telescopic trailer
B-51166 Mercedes-Benz Actros adjustable, abnormal load tractor unit and trailers

Roco - August 2003

736 Unimog 3000 pickup truck
894 German half truck 8t Sd.-Kfz 7 on flat wagon

Kibri - August 2003

B-11750 Kalmar fork lift
B-12224 Claas Jaguar 900 Combine Harvester with Champion 4500 cutter attachment
B-12226 Tractor with carnival float
B-14010 Mercedes-Benz Actros tipper truck/trailer
B-14400 Mercedes-Benz Actros tipper truck
B-14600 Mercedes-Benz Actros with on-board crane and panes of glass
B-14601 Mercedes-Benz Actros 3-axle tractor unit with on-board crane
B-14605 Mercedes-Benz Actros with internal load carrying trailer

Wiking - August 2003

The 5th generation Volkswagen Golf prototype will be available from September, the Wiking model is already available at German VW dealerships.

Busch - Available through Smart dealerships from September 2003

The new Smart Forfour (pictures © Busch GmbH & Co. KG)

Brekina - July 2003

Samples of the new Brekina Opel Blitz models have been sent to the modelling press last week, both models, the 1959-1965 and the 1965-1974 model are moulded in 'Brekina-orange' and have a black 'Brekina' print on the sides. 

The models are not available to collectors just yet, they will make their debut in a set which Brekina will make for the German Post.

Herpa - August 2003

045896 MAN LE 2000 LF 12/16 'Fire Department Recklinghausen'
045933 Mercedes-Benz T2 Vario cargo van 'Fire department Fuerth'
045940 Mercedes-Benz E Class 'Taxi'
051910 Mattresses with wheel recess
101523 Mini Cooper S™ 'Canada', PC
120470 Mercedes-Benz Actros L promotion truck 'Fula/Blum', PC
149044 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH Safeliner semitrailer 'Frisiaket'
149051 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH Safeliner semitrailer 'Zentrallager West'
149259 Scania conventional TL box semitrailer '130th anniversary of jeans'
149396 Scania 164 TL bulk volume trailer 'van Wieren'
149419 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH bulk volume trailer 'Goedecke'
149433 Mercedes-Benz Actros M tank trailer 'Creamery Ansbach'
149440 MAN TGA XXL lowliner semitrailer 'Krieger'
149457 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH refrigerated box semitrailer 'Suzi Wan / Rigterink'

HSA - August 2003

? - Glas GT








Rietze - July 2003

11200 Opel Vectra Limousine
50771 VW Sharan 'Grenzwache'
60275 Setra S328DT 'Astrom Resor'
60277 Setra S328DT 'Europa-Reisen-München'
60533 Iveco EuroStar 'Marani, Cesena'
60809 Iveco Stralis 'Truck of the Year 2003'
61073 Neoplan Skyliner 'West Belgium Coach, Oostende'
61074 Neoplan Skyliner 'Holiday Reisen, Berlin'
61334 Setra S315UL 'Car Postale Vaud/Fribourg'
61382 Setra S315NF 'Regio-Linie der RSW, Saarbrücken'
62604 Mercedes-Benz Citaro 'Postbus - VOR'
62620 Mercedes-Benz Citaro 'Infra Fürth – Antenne Bayern hilft 2003'
62722 Neoplan Centroliner 'Dr. Krugmann, Erlangen'
62723 Neoplan Centroliner 'Engadin Bus'
62729 Neoplan Centroliner 'Stern & Hafferl, Gmunden'
62800 Mercedes-Benz Citaro G 'Infra Fürth – City Center' (already sold out at Rietze)
62823 Mercedes-Benz Citaro G 'ESWE, Wiesbaden'
63531 MAN Lions Star 'VGH-Verkehrsbetriebe Grafschaft Hoya'
63832 Mercedes-Benz Travego 'Savac Tourisme, Chevreuse'
64320 MAN Lions Coach 'Hörmann Reisen, Hamburg'
65004 Neoplan Cityliner (2002) 'NRS – Neukam Reisen Nürnberg'
65300 Neoplan Skyliner (2003) 'Jubiläum 20 Jahre Rietze'

IGRA - July 2003

IG932 Tatra 815 'Voluntary Fire Dept. Apollensdorf'
IG933 Skoda 1201 'Motos Jawa 1952'

Herpa - July 2003

045834 Mercedes-Benz E Class 'Police Baden-Württemberg' 
045902 Mercedes-Benz T2 Vario 'Fire brigade 112' 
045919 BMW 5 Touring 'Police Berlin' 
051903 Horns / speakers / roof rack 
051927 Headlights compatible for all driving cabs 
101516 Mini Cooper ST 'France', PC 
101585 BMW 7, PC 
120463 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH refrigerated box semitrailer 'Schumacher/Onken', PC 
149037 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH Safeliner semitrailer 'Quikmix' 
149068 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH Safeliner semitrailer 'Zentrallager Dorsten' 
149105 Scania 144 TL canvas semitrailer 'Bleicher' 
149235 Mercedes-Benz Actros L MP2 bulk container semitrailer 'Hoyer/talke' 
149341 Scania TL refrigerated box semitrailer 'McDonald's/WLS' 
149358 MAN TGA LX interchangeable box trailer 'DMS Kuehne' 
149365 Volvo GL rigid tractor, 2 axle 
149372 Volvo GL bulk volume trailer 'Wandt' 
149389 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH curtain canvas semitrailer 'Fliegl Road Runner'

Kibri - July 2003

B-12218 Claas Jaguar harvester with Camper 300 cutter
B-12219 MAN tractor with TS 3 low-loader trailer
B-13512 MAN/OAF with Nooteboom low-loader trailer
B-13514 Mercedes-Benz SK low loader with track-tamper load
B-13518 Mercedes-Benz SK unit with Nooteboom low-loader trailer
B-13522 MAN 4 axle tractor with digger load
B-14020 Mercedes-Benz rounded bonnet with tipper
B-50872 Mercedes-Benz road/rail Unimog
B-50884 Road maintenance Unimog with attachments
B-50936 Unimog with canvas top and trailer
B-51049 Unimog with trailer
B-51098 Liebherr LTM 1160/2 telescopic mobile crane
B-51168 Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy haulage road transport